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The harbour is owned by the municipality of Faaborg-Midtfyn and consists of the Outer Harbour, the Inner Harbour/ Old Harbour, the Ferry harbour and the Marina which is situated to the north west of the harbour.

In the fairway to Faaborg Harbour the depth is 7 metres at MSL. See Danish chart no 152.

Largest depth in the harbour is seven metres and the longest quay is 180 metres (the East Quay in the Outer Harbour). The difference between MHW and MLW is 0,2 metres. Northern winds may cause 1,0 meter high water and South Westerly winds may cause 1,0 meter low water.

Faaborg Harbour Rear- and Front light leads, seen in line (336,5°) from Østerhede leading lights to the harbour. The lights show fixed red light.

The rear light: On the W-quay in the Ferry harbour. Lattice tower with a red triangle with the apex faced downwards.

The front light: On the head of the E-pier. Grey post with a red triangle with the apex faced upwards.
See the plan on Danish chart no 152

Faaborg Harbour Ferry light on the outer end of the E-pier at the ferry berths. The light shows fixed green light in bearings from 310°-110°. White post.

Faaborg Harbour jetty, post next to the head of the pier. The light flashes green. Green post. The jetty is illuminated.

See the harbour plan on Danish chart no 152.

Smaller vessels can anchor approximately 300 m SW of the entrance on 5,0-6,0 m water.

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