Mooring fees

Mooring fees

Mooring fees may be paid at the payment stations that you will find on three different locations at the harbour. See map under ”Services for visitors”. The payment stations are open 24/7 and you may use standard credit cards.

The payment stations also provide chip-cards that you may use as admission and payment cards for the toilet and shower facilities at the harbour. You can also use the chip-cards to pay for your water and electricity consumption by using the pre-payment meters at the jetties.

Mooring fees for visitors 2021, incl. VAT:

  • 00 – 08.99 m: DKK 160
  • 09 – 10.99 m: DKK 175
  • 11 – 12.99 m: DKK 200
  • 13 – 14.99 m: DKK 220
  • 15 – 16.99 m: DKK 245
  • 17 – 19.99 m: DKK 320
  • Over     20 m: DKK 395

Training ships with more than twelve students DKK 550.

Multihull yachts will be charged an additional 50% of the ordinary fee.

Day 5 is free of charge, so make sure to keep your receipts.

Arrivals between 10:00 and 14:00 are free of charge.

Prices for electricity and water consumption (pay at pre-payment meters at jetties):

  • Electricity: DKK 2.75 per kWh
  • Water: DKK 5.00 per unit (one unit is 10 minutes)

Prices when using payment stations:

  • Shower per unit (30 seconds) DKK 1
  • Washing machine DKK 30
  • Tumble dryer per unit DKK 15
  • Deposit for chip-card for the payment stations DKK 50

You can load or re-load your chip-card with up to DKK 200 in the payment stations.


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