Welcome to Faaborg Harbour - the harbour of Hans Christian Andersen

  • Sailing into Faaborg through the South Funen Archipelago is very beautiful. The harbour has an entrance depth of 7 metres and an easily accessible quay the length of 180 metres.

  • The Harbour is situated very close to Faaborgs charming city centre within easy reach of shops, restaurants, museums as well as bus and ferry connections to other attractions on Funen or the archipelago.

Distances to Faaborg:

1.    Skagen - Faaborg             = 235 NM
2.    Kiel - Faaborg                 =   45 NM
3.    Rønne - Faaborg              = 180 NM
4.    København - Faaborg        = 160 NM

Below you can watch a video of cruise ship Deutschland arriving in Faaborg.